• EVENT1: Number of matches Event
  • EVENT 1

  • 5 GTCOIN airdrop to all users who played 5 or more times.

  • EVENT 2

  • Additional airdrop of GTCOIN worth a total of $1,500 to those who rank in the top 10 users with the most plays.

    1st: 1,000 GTCOIN
    2nd: 800 GTCOIN
    3rd: 600 GTCOIN
    4th~10th: 200 GTCOIN

  • Precautions

  • - To Access the game, you must use your Rush Wallet account.
    - Payments can only be made to users who have Rush Wallet and the transfer will be made to their Rush Wallet Klaytn.
    - If you leave the game in the middle of the match, it won’t be counted as a match.
    - Waiting time in the waiting room is not included, and if you leave the game in the middle, it will not be counted as game time.
    - The number of plays is recorded automatically.
    - Event winners will be notified later through Infinity Market SNS (Twitter, Discord).
    - Payment will be canceled if abusing elements are discovered.
    - GTCOIN is a game coin currently listed on MEXC, and the GTCOIN paid through the event is based on the Klaytn Network.