BLACK SQUAD CLASSIC GTCOIN AIRDROP EVENT Number of matches Event / Playtime Event
Number of matches Event 5 GTCOIN airdrop to all users who played 5 or more times.
Additional airdrop of GTCOIN worth a total of $1,500 to those who rank in the top 10 users with the most plays.

Black Squad Classic Playtime Event 50 GTCOIN airdrop to all users who have played for more than 5 hours
If you are in the top 10 playtime ranking, you will receive an additional $500 worth of Black Squad popular items

Beta service open event Airdrop of 70 P-BST coins per person to 100 people through lottery for users participating in beta service (worth 100,000 won)

Game Story Viper Circle, a force that seeks to overthrow the existing world order...
The Allied Peacemaker was formed to prevent this...
A fierce and endless battle between them continues !

Personal firearms based on various battlefields and
historical experiences, an FPS that adds fun to tactical play by being armed with equipment!

Black Squad with 10 million downloads on Steam,
we will show the new classic version of the P2E game.
Q1. What is the difference between the original Black Squad game and the new Black Squad Classic?
The new version of Black Squad Classic Game is a P2E game.
The game client size is compact, for that reason the new version of the Black Squad game is less affected by the network environment and PC specifications, improving user convenience and enabling pleasant play.
Also, It can satisfy user needs because It is a P2E game.
Q2. I want to participate in Blacksquad NFT minting. When is Black Squad Classic NFT minting open?
Details related to Black Squad Classic NFT will be announced later.
Q3. Can the Black Squad Classic be played on Mobile as well?
Currently, Black Squad Classic is only available on PC.
We will support the mobile version later.
Q4. What is the total issuance of Black Squad Classic NFT?
The total of Black Squad Classic NFT published 10,000 PFP.
The team quantity is 700 pieces.
Q5. What is the relationship between Gametree and Black Squad Classic?
Gametree is foundation which service Black Squad Classic NFT and Black Squad Classic P2E game.